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Amber Ellis - Exceptional Children's Resource Classroom

 My name is Amber Ellis. I teach Exceptional Children here at Glenwood. I grew up here in Glenwood and I am happy to be able to give back to the community. I have taught here for 12 years and I have been a teacher for 13 years. Students in my class come to me for parts of the day for help with different things like Reading, Math, and Social Skills. I use researched based programs in order to help my students be successful with tasks that might have previously been difficult for them.
Mid-year is already here! We are excited about the upcoming Christmas break! Please remember to be reading with your child over Christmas break.
We are working on completing mid-year testing. MAP testing is before Christmas this year. Right after Christmas we will be working on Mclass assessments for mid-year. It is important for students to be here for these assessments and to be eating a good breakfast so they are ready to go in the mornings.
Mid-year Math group news
5th grade- we are working on all things fractions, adding, subtracting, and creating equivalent fractions
3rd grade- we are working on addition strategies, and building fact fluency
K/1- we are working on building number sense and number order, we are also starting beginning addition
Mid-year Reading group news
3-5:  We are working on decoding strategies, with syllable types and prefixes and suffixes. We are also working on independent reading and comprehension.
K/1: We are working on letter sounds, and writing letters after listening to those sounds. We are also working on reading and rhyming word families.
We are getting into full swing in our classroom now.
In math groups we are learning about number sense and learning to represent numbers in different ways. With my K/1 groups that means quickly recognizing groups, and showing numbers in tens frames. With 3rd grade this means working with base tens blocks. My 5th grade group is working on representing fractions in different ways. 
In language arts we are working with using syllable types to help us decode and read words. We are also working on answering a variety of questions about what we have read and using the text for details.