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    Our class has been working HARD on sight words and reading! We are working on writing full sentences using correct punctuation and uppercase at the beginning and lower case in the text (unless it contains a name or important word). They are also being reminded to use finger spaces between words. The students are getting good at asking themselves the questions to check their writing. 
    We recently had a parent night in lieu of parent conference. It was a great success. We were able to show exactly how the students are tested, the goals that are expected of them and where they are at this point. Parents were able to test their own child. This gave the parents a good idea of what needs to be done and what growth has already taken place.
    In math, we are working on addition, subtraction, decomposing numbers, shapes and measurement. The students seem to enjoy math! they are catching on. We are counting to 75 now. By the end of the year they must count to 100. Please work with your child on counting without skipping numbers to 75 with the goal of 100.
    The students have come a long way but we still have work to do!!! We need your help. It takes parents, teachers and students working together to be successful!  Thank you for all of your support! We want to make your child's educational experience the best possible!!! 
Mrs. Melissa Davis

It is hard to believe that half of the year is already gone! We are so proud of how hard the students are working! At this time we are concentrating on reading, sight words, blending and segmenting. We are also working on sounding to write! In Letterland we are talking about blends and diagraphs. In math they are learning how to add and subtract, use ten frames and shapes! In January they will be taking their mid year DIBELS test. Study those sight words over the break! We hope everyone has a happy holiday! 

Welcome to Mrs. Davis' and Mrs. Renee's Kindergarten Classroom Web Page!

We are off to a great start! We have begun the year learning about Letterland! Letterland is our phonemic awareness program. It teaches the students about letters and sounds through characters. They will soon be learning how to blend the sounds and before you know it they will be reading! We are also working on number recognition and one to one correspondence. The students are working on writing their first names correctly with uppercase at the beginning and lowercase with the rest. Be sure to work on these things at home as well. We look forward to seeing great things and great growth throughout the year! If you need to contact me please send me an email at my email address:
Thanks for all of your surrport ! 
Mrs. Melissa Davis